Stand with Us.

POLICE LIVES MATTER is a public awareness initiative from ChaplainUSA, a not for profit organization. 

At ChaplainUSA, we believe that the well-being and spiritual survival of police officers and their families depends on each of us. 

Through the support of citizens like you, we are building a circle of support and gratitude around police officers that is the first of its kind.

  • Through POLICE LIVES MATTER, we are saying the things that need to be said.  
  • Through its parent organization, ChaplainUSA, we are giving a voice to an extraordinary group of police chaplains – each on mission to improve the lives of police officers.

Your support is critical to this historic effort.  If you can, please make a donation! We would be grateful!

God bless you, 

Chaplain David Fair


Donors may request a refund of their donation at any time - no reason necessary - no question asked.


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